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The all-new AquaJet X features super maneuverability and a water cannon!
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The new AQUAJET X, inspired by forthcoming warbirds F22 Raptor and X35 Joint Strike Fighter, provides
the next level of flying excitement and realism between the AquaJet and a real airplane.

To accomplish this we added an electric leaf blower to provide vectored thrust via rudder pedals while creating the jet engine sound, and employed a more sophisticated suspension. Thus, the Aquajet X can climb at 30 deg., dive at 15 deg., bank, turn and spin up to three revolutions under full control of the pilot.  A throttle actuates the lift cylinder - controlling takeoff, climb and descent so the stick can control pitch and landing flare.

Other features include a retractable landing gear, a nose water cannon, a realistic instrument panel with heads-up display and a larger cockpit for kids up to 100 lb. You will wish you could fly it too!  Note: A large styrofoam glider makes a great gunnery target. The lift cylinder may be mounted on an aircraft carrier type deck as shown or on the ground (requires a 6" dia. x 15" hole).

AquaJet X are easy, fun and very rewarding to build!

SPECIFICATIONS: Wingspan, 8 1/2 ft., Length, 9 1/2 ft., Width, 32", Weight, approx. 100 lb., Build time, approx. 150 hr., Water / air pressure req'd. 25 - 60 psi (max). Wings, empennage and nose are removable for transport. Construction is 1/8" Okoume or other type of marine or aircraft plywood over a pine and fir plywood frame. An air compressor can be substituted for the garden hose for indoor use. The leaf blower is easily removed for blowing leaves.

PLAN PACKAGE: includes all drawings, parts list, instructions and helpful photographs, plus a glue-on photo of a current warbird instrument panel and heads-up display transparency. Plan package (sold separately)

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